Pricing Overview

All of our plans include the same great technology. Your customer success team will help you select the right tools for the job.

  • Up to 10 connections

  • Email based support

  • Error detection

  • Updates included

  • Hourly deployment & customization services

  • Volume endpoint discounts

  • Permanent account team

  • Phone based support

  • Fixed-fee deployment & customization services option

  • 24/7 support

  • Dedicated teams available

  • Pre-allocated development resources

  • On-premise connectors

  • Custom project management

  • Blockchain enabled Vault services


What is a connection?

A connection is a unique data type and trading partner combination moving in our out of the cloud.

Some examples:

  • I have a single TMS and need to send EDI status messages to 4 customers: 1 TMS status connection to + 4 outbound trading partner connections = 5 total connections

  • I want to send invoices & ASNs to a single customer: 1 invoice connection to + 1 ASN connection to + 1 customer invoice + 1 customer ASN = 4 total connections

  • I have 10 suppliers sending me status messages: 10 status connections from suppliers + 1 inbound status connection from = 11 total connections

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Do I need to pay per shipment, per file, or per anything else?

No, our simple pricing includes all the data you need.

If your business expands to include truly massive transaction counts, we may reach out to discuss moving you to an enterprise plan where we can support you better, but we won’t apply automatic caps or send you an unexpected overage bill.

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I’m not sure how many connections I need. Can you help?

Absolutely. Get in touch with us and we’ll write up a custom estimate.

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What are the volume discounts for Standard?

  • The $2,000 minimum charge covers the first 10 connections

  • Connections 11 - 20 are $100/connection/month

  • Connections 21+ are $50/connection/month

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Are there other discounts available?

Depending on the amount of work (and whether we can use it for other projects), there may be discounts available for deployment and customization services. Your account team will work with you to identify these opportunities. Discounts are already built into the monthly connection fees in our Standard plan.

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When should I Pick Basic vs Standard?

If you have less than 10 connections and you don’t need phone based support or fixed-bid pricing, then Basic is fine for you. When you reach 10 connections, you’ll automatically move to the Standard pricing tier including all of its benefits.

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What’s the difference between “hourly” and “fixed-fee” deployment and customization services?

In an hourly pricing model, we’ll provide you with an estimate for the amount of work needed to get you up and running on any particular project. You’ll then be billed for the actual amount of time utilized each month at our standard hourly rate of $225/hr. If the amount of time spent is higher or lower, you’ll pay the actual amount.

In a fixed-fee pricing model, we’ll provide you with a price before we start. As long as the scope of the project remains consistent, you’ll only pay the fixed amount, even if there are overruns.

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Can I save money by paying annually?

Yes! We offer one month free for each year that is pre-paid.

We can also offer discounts on pre-paid deployment and customization services. Your account team can quote this on a case by case basis.

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If I’m paying annually, how does it work if I add connections?

When you make your first annual payment, then we’ll establish your renewal date. Any connections you add during the year will be billed on a prorated basis to align to your next renewal date with net 30 terms.

For example, if you make your first annual payment on January 1 and then turn on an additional connection on July 1, you’ll be billed for half a year on July 1 and then that connection will be rolled into the future years’ annual payments.

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We do our best to provide clear and accurate pricing details.
Your account team will provide a detailed quote before you get started that may vary depending on the unique nature of your integration requirements.