Our Technology

At Chain.io, we use the latest cloud technologies to build integrations faster. Those technologies are built into our three core application layers: Flow, Hub, and Vault.

When you work with a our supply chain experts, they’ll analyze your systems and business objectives to determine what combination of these layers is perfect for your unique integration scenario.


It’s Fast

Flow allows you to quickly and efficiently communicate fast moving data between multiple internal and external systems. With an event based architecture and the same data integrity protections that apply to Hub, Flow is all about getting data to the right people in the right format at the right time.

It’s perfect for…

  • Advanced Shipment Notices

  • Inventory updates

  • IOT data streams

  • Shipment status updates

  • eCommerce orders and deliveries


Structured Data Made Easy

Hub is our supply chain data store. It’s perfect for storing data that will be referenced across multiple supply chain transactions and systems. By combining a consistent, canonical data model with the ability to communicate with your systems in their own language, each system to communicate in its own unique language, Hub is the perfect central repository to address data quality and consistency across disparate platforms.

It’s perfect for..

  • Product master data

  • Purchase orders

  • Harmonized tariff and other compliance data

  • Supplier and trading partner profiles


LONG TERM STORAGE, Powered by the Blockchain

Vault is Chain.io’s long term store for critical documents and supply chain data. Backed by the Ethereum blockchain, Vault captures unalterable timestamps and allows for document integrity verification years after the document is added.

It’s perfect for..

  • Proof of Delivery

  • Customs records

  • Temperature control data

  • Social and environmental compliance reports

  • Trading partner EDI archiving





Microservices make up a design architecture that encourages building small, reusable components deployed independently. This architecture is perfect for supply chain applications because it allows our team to deploy custom solutions for each client while still benefiting from the speed that comes with code reuse.


The World’s Most Trusted Cloud

Our products are hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Amazon is the market leader in cloud software and hosts many of the webs biggest properties. All data is hosted in United States based data centers.


Native Multi-Format

API, EDI, XML, CSV… it doesn’t matter. The Chain.io architecture is multi-format, multi-protocol friendly. We can handle any file format or API flavor quickly and consistently. This helps us connect different systems that do not share a common language.